Fundamental Debacle!

Breaking News!  Dr. Schplot’s famous life-saving nanobots, which currently reside inside every human being on the planet, are malfunctioning at an alarming rate!  These microscopic nanobots were originally designed to fight disease, maintain organs, and extend our lifespan from within our bodies.  But now they’ve gone rogue!  We have reports from all over the world of people exhibiting strange uncontrollable behaviors as the nanobots take over all bodily functions!  Dr. Schplot, the genius inventor who many have described as “definitely not a genius”, has yet to comment on this latest development.

Update!  Dr. Schplot has issued a statement claiming to have a solution.  He has engineered a new and improved line of nanobots capable of going into our bodies to knock out and repair the older malfunctioning nanobots.  If successful, this could be the answer we’ve all been waiting for.  If not, then we are about to inject even more dangerous robots into our bodies!

It is now up to you to guide the new nanobots on a journey to save the planet!  Solve tricky puzzles as you battle a wide variety of misbehaving micro-machines.  Recycle their spare parts to build ever more powerful new allies.  Collect the best team and cure every last human in the world of Dr. Schplot’s Nanobots!